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AWS For Dummies

Ok, maybe not quite dummies, but when I first started looking at Amazon Web Services, I found it a bit overwhelming as to which is used for what. So as much for myself as anyone else.

This list isn't extensive in any way whatsoever, but should cover the basics. It's much simplified, but should give you the general idea

  • Lightsale
    • This is your basic VPS type service. If you want everything in one and not configue much, go here, more expensive than places like OVH but I can imagine the performance is better
  • EC2
    • If you just need a server and want to configure storage via S3, you can install your apps here, even run other services on here like a DB, although that is better handled by RDS. This is a good solution for servers that maintain state in memory
  • S3
    • Normal storage, essentially what your SSD in your computer is. Can be used for hosting static web pages
  • Glacier
    • Backups. Infrequently accessed data. Think NAS on your local network
  • RDS
    • Relational Databases, various types can be spun up eg. PostgreSQL
  • DynamoDB
    • NoSQL. The sort of place you'd use Mongo or the like
  • Lambda
    • Short term applications. Run and shutdown. Great for CRUD style REST endpoints
  • API Gateway
    • Mapping URL's to Lambda services, a little bit like writing an ExpressJS app
  • CloudWatch
    • Logging output
  • IAM
    • Permissions for apps and people
  • VPC
    • Firewall between your products, so which can access what. eg. Allowing access from your EC2 to your RDS
  • Route 53
    • DNS Provider
  • CloudFront
    • Proxy to prevent DDOS. Think CloudFlare