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Things I'm learning this week - 30/10/2017

So I've decided to learn a couple of new languages.

  • Go - I'm going through a book on learning how to write an interpreter in Go, I'll give it a bit of a review when I'm done. So far, I'm not sold on the language. It has some nice features, but some strange decisions I'm not a fan of (empty interfaces for example seem like a hack). It's very different to your usual C style languages you may be used to, and seems like it's half way between an Imperative language and an Object Oriented one.
  • Elm - Half language, half UI library, all functional programming goodness. Time to make the jump into something fully functional. I've been heading towards it with how I'm writing JavaScript lately. I'm still getting used to the syntax however. Unsure on exactly what the |> operator is yet, but I'm getting there. Given the number of REST services I've written lately, this should be easy to play around with and get something going using an existing backend.
  • Finally I've learned that Safari is the new IE. I've been fixing so many issues caused by CSS bugs in it lately. Quite frustrating.

As to what's next after these, possibly more functional languages (Haskel, Clojure, etc), maybe have a look at Kotlin, even play a bit with Angular (I think 5 will be out by the time I get to it) or possibly Vue.js.