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What have I been up to?

So yes, I haven't posted here for a few weeks, so what have I been up to in the mean time?

Well there's the day job which is still going well, kicking off a new project there very soon which is awesome. Some new role changes for the consultancy I'm working for too, things I've actually suggested, so will be interesting and fun to see how that plays out.

As always, I've been busy with my photography (NSFW). Some things just never get old. Totally a tough life!

On the hobby programming side I have two projects currently on the go. One for my consultancy, and one personal for my photography. Both are actually similar in many ways, with the same technologies. TypeScript, Node.js, Express, React, Redux, etc. I may end up writing at least one of these up at some stage in the near future as a bit of a tutorial, putting down on paper (well, screen) the difficulties I've encountered and the solutions to those (a lot around getting Webpack to do exactly what I want, some of it on the testing side however too). I'll probably wait until Chai-Enzyme is updated however (although by the time you read this, hopefully it's done).

So along with these projects, I've been playing with the latest and greatest React 16, which has some amazing new features (portals are awesome). Good decision by Facebook to change the licence to MIT as well (from BSD+Patents). I understand where they were coming from with the old licence, especially given they haven't offensively used patents in the past, but if Mark Zuckerberg decided to resign, who knows who'd come in and abuse that licence.

I think I've finally got my head into the Redux space too. An amazing and simple toolkit, but a quite different way of thinking when it comes to managing state within your app. I'm still using local state (from React) when it makes sense to (ie. nothing outside that component cares about anything within it) however.

I'm still not totally settled on a directory structure for my projects though. I'm trying something new with each project and seeing which one feels the best to me. I'm pretty sure I'm settled on how I'm using my Dependency Injection (using Inversify) though. And it's not using my much loved decorators much either.

The rest of my time (as if that isn't enough) has been taken listening to podcasts while I travel (both in the car and on public transport). Some of my favourites at the moment are:-